Tamlin and AccountMate sell in the same market space as you do. We understand the dynamics of your type of business and what’s important to you:

  • Inventory Functionality: Manufacturing Conductor takes advantage of the built-in inventory capability; the AccountMate ERP system is deep in inventory handling functionality that appeals to manufacturing and wholesale distribution clients.
  • Source Code: Because AccountMate provides source code to resellers, as well as Tamlin as a software developer, the AccountMate software system can be tailored to the specific needs of your clients through source code that makes the offering more flexible. This modification through source code can be done by the resellers who are trained by AccountMate or subcontracted through AccountMate’s Professional Services group.
  • Margin and Profit: AccountMate does not sell direct on any of its business financial products, maintenance or services, resellers are assured margin on all of these items.

Contact us today so we can discuss these benefits … and much more.

Sage MAS 500 Resellers:

What do you get when you combine Tamlin’s Manufacturing Conductor™ with AccountMate® Software?

An efficient alternative to MAS 500 AND a streamlined solution for your manufacturing clients with built-in inventory capability, complete flexibility through available source code, and proven, hands-on project methodology.

Your number one concern is the keeping your customers for life. With the uncertainty of the future direction by Sage for its MAS 500 product, plus the heavy emphasis on X3, Sage resellers should be evaluating their position and decide whether they are willing to move from MAS 500 to X3, or decide to look at a viable replacement for MAS 500, such as AccountMate.

Now is a great time to learn about your options that are created just for manufacturing and wholesale distribution customers.

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